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Welcome to our online registration process. In a few quick and easy steps you'll be registered for a program at the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat Bahamas.

Experiential Courses & Professional Trainings

  • Currently, our system can register only one person at a time for a course. If you're registering for multiple courses or you have more than two people in your party, repeat the registration process for each one.
  • Please plan to arrive on the day preceding the start of your course and depart on the day after your course ends. To find a course, you must enter an arrival date at least one day before the course begins and a departure date at least one day after it ends.
  • For any additional days you plan to stay before or after your course, you will be registered in the Yoga Vacation Program.

Should you encounter any problems during your online reservation or need to book special requests, please contact our Registration desk directly:

From North America:866-559-5167
From All Other Countries:416-479-0199

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Please note that for courses, the arrival and departure dates are the day before and after the course dates. For any additional days you plan to stay, you will be registered for the Yoga Vacation Program.
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